Hempire Direct COA'S

Under the federal farm bill all of these products which appear to be marijuana in look and smell are actually classified as industrial grade hemp flower due to the face the Delta 9 THC or  ∆9-THC is less than 0.3%

The COA's appear that the total THC content is above 0.3% please don't be alarmed, you will need to read the smaller lined item. 

Total THC is THC-A and ∆9-THC combined.  


Hempire Direct COA's 

Please click the link to view the compliant lab testing results


All of the Delta 8 sold on our website are manufactured with our distillate and are free from heavy metals and pesticides.

We add real hemp extracted terpenes to all of our vape carts to ensure the best flavor. 

Delta 8 Distillate Vape Cart w/ Terps Testing At 911mg D8 COA

Delta 8 Distillate 95% Syringe Potency COA

Delta 8 Distilalte 93% Liter Potency COA

Delta 8 Distillate Passing Residual Solvents COA

Delta 8 Distillate Passing Heavy Metals & Pesticides COA 

Our Vape carts are also free from heavy metals. You can view the lab test below:

M Series 2 Cartridge heavy metals test here


Delta 8 Diamonds

Delta 8 1,000 mg Tincture

Delta 8 2,500 mg Tincture

Delta 8 Shatter 

Delta 8 Disposables 

Sour Bites 

Stoney Patch Kids

Stoner Patch Watermelons 


Weed Tarts

Licorice Bites

Sour Crawlers

Sour Bears

Nerd Rope Bites

Apple Rings

Peach Rings


Delta 8 Headband Flower 

Delta 8 Lifter Flower

Delta 8 Wedding Cake Flower

Delta 8 Mimosa Flower

Delta 8 Bubba Truckstop Flower

Delta 8 Orange Fuel Flower

Delta 8 Cherry Limeade Flower

Delta 8 Asteroids

Delta 8 Moon Rocks


Unwind Shot 

Raspberry Lemonade Sucker

Orange Creamsicle Sucker

Full Spectrum 1000 mg CBD Oil 


Current CBD Hemp Flower Strains

Sour Runtz







Previous CBD Hemp Flower Strains


The Wife



Special Sauce

The Hulk

Bubba Kush

Lifter Smalls 

Hawaiian Haze

Sour Space Candy

Kush Remedy

Altum Verde 


Diamond Kush

Grape Ape

Special Sauce Smalls 

Bubba Kush Smalls

Pineapple Kush Smalls

Sour Space Candy Smalls 


Charlotte's Wife Smalls

Blueberry Pie Smalls

Red Bourdeax Smalls

Super Cali Lemon Haze

Frosted Lime Smalls

Legendary OG

Banana Kush

Cherry Wine


Suver Haze

Banana Kush Smalls

Jefferson Smalls

Super Lemon Haze