By the end of reading this article you will know the difference between CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and Hemp Oil. 

      You will also learn the difference Between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate.  We won't get into the scientific terms of these products just to keep it as beginner friendly as possible. 

      Let's just jump right in and talk about what not to buy. 


      CBD Oil is what everyone is looking to buy online. There are a few types of CBD Oil. I won't go into the benefits of CBD oil in this article. I assume if you are looking to buy CBD oil online, you already know the benefits, and are just looking to understand exactly what CBD oil is best for you.  Later in this article we will go over dosages and what you should expect to pay for CBD oil online, as well as where you can get the best price for the best CBD Oil. 

      Now we will go over the 3 different types of CBD Oil and everything you need to know. 


      Full spectrum CBD oil is probably the most popular type of CBD Oil, and in my opinion it's also the most effective. 

      This type of CBD oil is extracted from the plant using super critical CO2 Extraction. This type of CBD oil that is most likely to help with ailments, and also will contain trace amounts of Delta-9 THC, and other Cannabioniods.

      Full Spectrum CBD oil can make you fail a drug test in high doses, but it won't get you high. If you work a government job, drive truck, or are on probation we suggest broad spectrum. 

      Broad Spectrum CBD Oil - 

      Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is simply full spectrum with all the THC removed. All the other cannabinoids are left to remain which gives you the closest medicinal effect you can get without the THC. Other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN are left inside the oil to provide a great effect.  


      CBD Oil that is made out of isolate contains nothing but CBD CBD Isolate is acutally crystilne powder and then is mixed into the MCT or Hemp Seed Oil to create the tincture. While this is the least effective method it still works and if you don't want to ingest anything but CBD we suggest buying an Isolate base oil. 

      Buyer Beware. A lot of companies say there is a specific ammount of CBD Oil only to find out there is way less than advertised. 

      All the products sold by our company Hempire Direct have been 3rd party lab tested in small batches to make sure that you are getting exactly what you pay for.


      Before the the hemp plant is harvested it starts our as a seed. These seeds contain absolutely no CBD whatsoever. While hemp seed oil isn't bad for you, and is seen as healthy it isn't going to do anything for you in terms of finding relief.  

      For a lot of new consumers shopping for CBD Oil to buy online they may run into Hemp Seed Oil on amazon. Be aware Amazon doesn't allow CBD Products on their platform, and the most CBD MG dosage you can fit into 30ml 1 Ounce bottle is around 3000mg. 

      If you seed a bottle that says 20,000mg or 30,000mg please be aware that this isn't CBD and you shouldn't buy this product. 

      Hemp seed oil is often used as a cutting agent when making CBD Tinctures, but it can also spoil and has a shelf life of only around 6 months. It's best to buy tinctures that are made with MCT oil to make sure that you will never get a stomach ache from taking CBD. 


      Hemp Oil is not to be confused with Hemp seed oil. Hemp Oil is just CBD thats incognito. 

      You may be wondering why a company wouldn't simply put CBD directly on the label. I'll be very direct in answering that question. The term CBD is banned from from advertising platforms like google, facebook, instagram. Having the word CBD in your ads on on your product page will result in an immediate disapproval by these major traffic platforms. 

      Because brands want to advertise online, you will often find them creating 2 different websites. One for CBD oil, and one for Hemp Oil. This is just a marketing tactic. 

      Again, just please be aware not to buy Hemp Seed Oil. 

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