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Banana Kush CBD Hemp Flower - Hempire Direct

Banana Kush CBD Hemp Flower

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Coming from the legendary Kush family, Banana Kush has made its lineage proud. This classic, old school strain gives a strong indica body high with potent euphoria and mood regulation from its sativa parentage. Depending on your preference through dosage, it can provide cerebral clarity and body relaxation that is good for stimulating creativity. A higher dose can lead to drowsiness after a few hits and then sedation after a few hours.

Banana Kush is generally known for providing a stress-free state. Its enticing aroma and luscious flavor adds to the overall experience that is characteristic of its quintessential high. Classic as it may be, It has proven to be a strain that people keep on coming back to regardless if you’re a baby boomer, gen X, or millennial. Read on to see what makes this strain so special.

The aroma and flavor of Banana Kush is one of its characteristics that draw users into the strain. The scent is fruity with tinges of Skunk Haze’s skunk aroma. There’s no denying the Kush in it too. It’s just a smooth smoke with all those attributes combined.

Primary Terpenes

β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, α-Pinene


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